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The Madonna at Montecassino
Horses in the Sea, St Andrews


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St Andrews, horses
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St Andrews Chronicle

St Andrews, horses

Horses in the Sea, St Andrews

In the cool of the summer evening Poseidon is riding his small white horses gently ashore on to the West Sands, St Andrews. Time therefore to take Mandy’s three horses into the water to meet them. The last dog walkers and joggers are turning homewards towards the spires and towers of the town. King Oz, Magic and Mia love the Sands and are impatient in their transporter beyond the dunes, as if they can smell the ocean.  Hannah and her boyfriend James have just arrived from Oxford, where they have both been studying, and it seems a good way to celebrate to go swimming with the horses. Magic is cautious about entering the swell, and has to be coaxed on her halter. When one is bare-footed with horses in water one has to be careful not to be trodden on. They are content to stand with the tide swirling round their fetlocks while the humans swim. This is one of these exceptional occasions of one’s life when everything seems to harmonize – the balmy evening air, the shouts of the cavorting swimmers, the occasional call from the horses as they paw the surge. Horses can swim instinctively, as was shown in the Hebrides, when there was no suitable boat available. After swimming, they roll on the sands before making their way back up to the transporter. To show his dominance, King Oz gallops along the grass verge. My wife Mary feeds them a special supper of porridge which they love. 
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